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If you are considering making a claim or contributing to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse or you want some legal advice on a claim against an institution or individuals then call us today for a FREE consultation.

Remember, most of today's successful claims arise from abuse that occurred over 30 and 40 years ago.

We offer NO WIN NO FEE Service.

Free Consultation

Know your rights in relation to:

  • reporting matters to the police;
  • contributing to the Royal Commission; and
  • making claims against an Institution or individuals.

We generally are able to give you preliminary advice within 2 business days and we assist with claims in any State or Territory in Australia.

Artemis Legal

We have represented for over 2,500 survivors of sexual abuse over the past 15 years, many of whom were at or under the care of an institution such as the Catholic Church, a school, a club or were abused at home by a person from that institution.

We have a proud history of fighting for those people and getting them justice.  


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List of Priests

Click below to see the list of published Australian convicted priests.

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