No-Win-No-Fee* Policy

No-Win-No-Fee* means you will only be charged our legal fee if the claim is won.

We believe that survivors of child sexual abuse should not be denied access to justice because of their financial situation.   That is why Artemis Legal has a No-Win-No-Fee* guarantee as a promise for all of our survivor claims.  

How does it work?

Under our No-Win-No-Fee* arrangement, if your claim is unsuccessful you will not pay our legal fees.   If your claim is successful our fee is paid by the defendant or the institution as part of the settlement.  

Unlike many firms we do not change an additional 'success fee' and we give you an estimate of fees before as part of our offer to act.

What are Artemis Legal's obligations in a No-Win-No-Fee* arrangement?

We will set out the conditions for the arrangement in a written Retainer Agreement before we start work on your claim.

What are my obligations in a No-Win-No-Fee* arrangement?

Under a No-Win-No-Fee* arrangement we ask that you, in general:

  • Tell us openly and honestly everything that is relevant to your claim and let us know of any material change in your circumstances that might impact on your claim;
  • Co-operate with us and do everything that we reasonably ask;
  • Accept and follow all reasonable advice that we give you; 
  • Retain us as your lawyers until your claim is complete.

*details and conditions are contained in the Retainer Agreement


Many of our claims resolve without the need to commence proceedings.  This means that even if your claim does not get an award of compensation your only financial loss is your own out of pockets that you have agreed to pay.  

If you elect to commence proceeding there are additional cost considerations that we will advise you of before you make that choice.