Anglican Church Claims

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Anglican Church Claims  

In 2016, the national Census showed that the Anglican Church in Australia was the second largest church in Australia, with 13.3 per cent of the Australian population reporting affiliation with the Anglican Church. It is the largest Protestant denomination and it is divided into 23 dioceses. The Anglican Church continues to have a strong presence across Australia and is active in areas such as education, health, mission and social welfare.

However, like the Catholic Church in Australia, the Anglican Church’s reputation has become tainted by the serial behaviour of many of its personnel involving child sexual abuse. In 2017, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heard from 4,029 survivors about child sexual abuse in religious institutions belonging or associated with the Anglican Church. The average age of the victims at the time of the abuse was 10.6 years. Furthermore, it was found that many of the institutions, in some cases, protected brothers and other staff who sexually and physically abused children within their care. Most of the abuse occurred within schools, churches, on church grounds, Sunday Schools, and at Church organised events.

If someone in a position of trust from a Anglican church has inappropriately touched you or sexually assaulted you, you may be entitled to a range of benefits and compensation.

The following are some of the dioceses and institutions reported to have a history of child sexual abuse:

1. St Paul’s School, Brisbane

2. Brisbane Grammar School 

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Artemis Legal has represented in the past and is still representing clients who were students at a catholic college. We invite former students, teachers and parents to contact us to tell us confidentially what information they may have, and we will explain what options are available to help with these cases.

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Anglican Church claims are private and confidential unless you want publicity.  Usually, there is no need to include your family members or friends in the process.   


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