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Christian Brothers Abuse Claims

The Christian Brothers are a Christian Order that have run schools throughout Australia since 1868  with over 120 schools established in every Australian state and territory.  In 2014 the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse found that many of these schools employed and in some cases protected brothers and other staff who sexually and physically abused children in their care. 

The following are some of the schools that are reported to have history of child sexual abuse:

Below are those within the Christian Brothers that have been convicted, charged or investigated with abuse:

  • Br Robert Best

  • Gerard Vincent Byrnes

  • Brian Cairns

  • Br Bob Chambers

  • Fr Peter Colley

  • Br John Coswello

  • Br Gerard Dick

  • Br Edward Dowlan

  • Br "David" Down

  • Br Rex Elmer

  • Br Michael Evans

  • Brother Stephen Farrell

  • Brother Gerald Fitzgerald

  • Brother J.G. Gladwin

  • Br John Francis Hallett

  • Br Bill Hocking

  • Ronald Hopkins

  • Br William Houston

  • Br Fabian Jordan

  • Brother Peter Nicholas Joseph

  • Kevin Lynch

  • Br William Marchant

  • Brother Daniel John Virgil McMahon

  • Br Lawrence Murphy

  • Br Peter E. Noonan

  • Br Dominic Obbens

  • Br Damien O'Dempsey

  • Br John Parker

  • Brother "Neil" Richards

  • Br Gregory Riley

  • Br Chris Roberts

  • Br Terence Simpson

  • Brother William Peter

  • Alan Swingler

  • Peter John Toomey

  • Br Keith William Weston

  • Br Lambert Wise

  • Fr Dermot Casey

  • Fr Gerald Ridsdale

  • James Gunn

  • Brother John Laidlaw

If someone in a position of trust from a Christian Brother school has inappropriately touched you or sexually assaulted you, you may be entitled to a range of benefits and compensation.

Claims can be made if the abuse happened at school, on church premises owned by the school, or even if the abuse happened at home or private place.

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The vast majority of these claims are managed privately and without the need of a court process.

We have a proud history of fighting successfully for survivors in matters against the Christian Brothers.

Private and Confidential

Christian Brothers claims are private and confidential unless you want publicity.  Usually, there is no need to include your family members or friends in the process.   


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