Br Bernard McGrath

Br Bernard Kevin McGrath, is a known perpetrator who committed crimes against children at Kendall Grange boys’ home in Morriset, New South Wales.  The institution that is run by the Order of St John of God Brothers, was where Br McGrath had committed 64 offences against 12 boys at Kendal Grange over the period of between 1978 and 1985.  Br McGrath was forced to leave the order in 1997 after he was convicted of sexual abuse.  

McGrath worked at St John of God Brother institutions in New South Wales, Melbourne and New Zealand including the following:

·         St John of God institution in Melbourne

·         Marylands Boarding School near Christchurch ( NZ)

·         Kendall Grange Boys’ Home, Morriset

Artemis Legal acted in claims against the St John of God Brothers for survivors of sexual abuse that occurred at Kendall Grange, and one that was a victim of Br Bernard McGrath.