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We've settled civil claims for victims of institutional sexual abuse at FIVE times the amount that the National Redress Scheme would have paid. 

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Beware of the National Redress Scheme as it may not be your best option.  

We are helping people with National Redress Scheme claims and also with civil claims.

The National Redress Scheme is a new government program that became operative on 1 July 2018.  It provides modest support to people who were sexually abused as children while in the care of an institution. 

However, the National Redress Scheme is a place of last resort for survivors of sexual abuse. This is particularly the case as some critical details within the scheme seriously disadvantage some survivors. 


If you accept a National Redress Scheme payment it WILL effect your civil rights (your rights under the general law). In some instances,  existing civil rights mean some survivors can claim much higher amounts outside of the National Redress Scheme without the need to go to court. 

Make sure you know your rights under BOTH before you decide what is best for you.


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Benefits to You

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Get Justice

We understand sexual abuse claims and so we know how to get you justice. Justice looks difference to most people and we listen to what justice means to you.

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Tell Your Story

We focus on your story and give you a voice on something that may have happened a long time ago. There is often power and healing in being heard and in getting justice for what happened to you as a child.

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Over $93 million in Awards

Its often not all about the money but we pride ourselves on getting the institution to pay for the harm they caused you.

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No Win No Fee*

We believe that survivors of child sexual abuse should not be denied access to justice because of their financial situation. That is why Artemis Legal offers a No-Win-No-Fee* service.

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We Are Experts in this Field

We get results for you. We have acted for many hundreds of survivors of sexual abuse since 2000 and many thousands of survivors of violence.

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Private & Confidential

Sexual abuse claims are private and confidential unless you want publicity. Usually, there is no need to include your family members or others in your life.


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Who is eligible?

The National Redress Scheme depends on:

  • the institution who was caring for you at the time

  • the type of abuse you experienced

  • where and when it happened

  • your life now.

The type of abuse

  • It must include sexual abuse.

  • An institution must be responsible for the abuse. The Scheme doesn’t cover non-institutional abuse, such as by a family member.

Where and when it happened

  • The abuse must have happened when the person was aged under 18.

  • It must have happened before 1 July 2018.

  • The institution or organisation responsible for the abuse must have joined the Redress Scheme. So far, only the Commonwealth, New South Wales and Victorian governments have agreed to join the scheme.

A person’s life now

  • The person applying must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.


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 What our clients say about us:

I would like to express my thanks to you and the rest of the Artemis team for not giving up on my case. No matter the outcome I cannot tell you how much it has meant to me for someone to not only believe me but to also fight for me. It has never occurred to me that my case was very important or significant.
— Mark, 47
For me, I walk away from this experience with a genuine sense of optimism and resilience. I now have hope and a purpose that I have not ever felt before in my lifetime. Whilst therapy and professional assistance is assisting greatly, it is because of your determination to see justice for me and that fact that I felt that I had your support “in my corner”, enabled me to have the courage to pursue this case to its end.
— Susan, 55