Bayswater Boys’ Home

The Bayswater Boys' Home was established by the Salvation Army in 1897 at Liverpool Street, The Basin, east of Melbourne. It accommodated boys who had been placed in legal custody, on behalf of the Social Welfare Branch of the Government of Victoria. The campus included three Bayswater Boys' Homes. These Homes closed progressively from 1980. The Bayswater Youth Training Centre closed in 1987. When the Training Centre closed in 1987 it  became the Mountain Valley Youth Camp and Conference Centre, and the youth training centre became The Basin Farm, part of the Salvation Army's Bridge and Employment Programs.

In Case Study number 33 published by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in July 2016, the Royal Commission found that the Salvation Army had failed in its duties and responsibilities to keep boys under its care at Bayswater Boys Home safe from any form of physical and sexual abuse. In short, the Royal Commission concluded that the Salvation Army failed to take action against its staff and officers who were breaching Orders and Regulations prohibiting the mistreatment of children. Furthermore, the Royal Commission stated emphatically that the Salvation Army provided a culture at Bayswater in which:

  • children felt afraid to report sexual abuse;

  • children felt powerless to resist the maltreatment; and

  • the staff and officers whose behaviour was in breach of the Orders and Regulations were able to, and did, continue the prohibited behaviour.

The Royal Commission received documentary evidence and heard first-hand accounts from many boys who were abused at Bayswater Boys Home and found that the Salvation Army failed to control the actions of two particular pedophiles -  officers Brigadier Wright and Envoy Collins.

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