Kevin Lynch

Kevin Lynch commenced employment at Brisbane Grammar School in 1973. Initially he was employed as a teacher. Shortly after he was employed, he was appointed to the role of school counsellor. He remained employed in that role until 1988, when he left the school.

There was evidence that a number of complaints against Mr Lynch were made to senior staff at Brisbane Grammar, most significantly to Dr Howell (deceased), who was the headmaster of the school between 1965 and 1989.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse concluded in Case Study No. 34 that that during Dr Howell’s period as headmaster there was a culture at Brisbane Grammar where boys who made allegations of sexual abuse were not believed and allegations were not acted upon.

In 1989, after he left Brisbane Grammar, Mr Lynch gained employment at St Paul’s School as the school counsellor. He remained in that position until 1997. Former students of the school told the Royal Commission in 2015 that Mr Lynch had sexually abused them while he was employed at St Paul’s. Just like at Brisbane Grammar School, there was evidence that the school was aware of complaints of sexual abuse of students by Mr Lynch and took no action to deal with those complaints.

On 22 January 1997, while Mr Lynch was still employed as the school counsellor, the Queensland Police Service charged Mr Lynch with nine counts of offences committed against a St Paul’s student. The following day Mr Lynch committed suicide.

Artemis Legal has represented and is still representing clients who were victims of sexual abuse by Kevin Lynch while he served the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane.

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