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If you or a member of you family was sexually abused at St Joseph's Orphanage, Rockhampton we may be able to assist you get justice and compensation.

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St Joseph's Orphanage

St Joseph’s Orphanage, Neerkol, was located about 20 km outside the city of Rockhampton in Queensland.  The orphanage was situated within the parish of St Joseph’s, Neerkol, which in turn was part of the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton (the Diocese).  The orphanage was run by the Sisters of Mercy, Rockhampton, from 1885 until 1978.

At the relevant times, the Sisters were an autonomous congregation within Australia.  As such, they were independent from the Diocese.

The children who were resident at the orphanage were mostly ‘state wards’.  They were admitted to the orphanage under state government authority by either care and protection orders or care and control orders.  The orphanage also received a number of private admissions and acted as a quasi boarding school for children who were not in state care.  The orphanage accepted a small number of British Child Migrants.  A number of the children placed at the orphanage were Indigenous and had been placed there under the relevant legislation.


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