Client satisfaction is paramount to us at Artemis Legal.  Here are some of our recent case testimonials from clients we have helped.  We have changed some names and locations for anonymity.


“Since completing the claim I have remarried and I am attempting to complete a university degree. The journey to a better life has been difficult and painful, with many set backs. Yet deciding to undertake the claim was crucial for my recovery. With the guidance and support of the Artemis Legal team for first time I feel believed and empowered enough to stand up and say "this happened to me and it should never happen again". I am grateful that they believed in me and my history to help me. Artemis Legal is a kind caring firm that will always give the best advice for your unique situation. It was a good day when I had my first meeting with them. Thank you everyone at Artemis Legal.”

Michael, 48, NSW - WARD OF STATE

“I am still learning to cope with what happened and have been receiving the help I need to continue my healing and coping mechanisms. Having said that, my lawyer, Jason Moody was fantastic and extremely empathetic with his dealings with me. His paralegal, Nancy Hu was also extremely professional and helpful during the entire process. I was very happy with the outcome and do feel that I have received some justice from the entire process and that has given me a sense of catharsis.”

daniel, 66, QLD - SCHOOL

“A chapter of my life has finished and have done an eight week mindfulness course . The course has meditation for kindness to self and to repeat phrases about being well, happy and having good day. I do this meditation daily. My partner Catherine and I are getting married on 7 April. Also I’ve started seeing a counsellor who treats victims of sexual abuse. I sometimes still have flashbacks to the abuse but I’ve got strategies in place to cope with them. There’s still some anger in me towards the church and the abusing priest. I’m glad that Pell has gone to jail.”


“Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all your work and more importantly the care you’ve shown during the whole case. It was greatly appreciated.” 


“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your care and compassion throughout the process of my injury claim. Whilst the last two years have been very challenging, the care which your team have shown me, has made the process easier and has been a great source of personal healing.”