Westbrook Training Centre


Westbrook Training Centre was a state-run reformatory for boys under the age of 18. All the boys that were placed at the institution, were done so under a court order by the State of Queensland. The farm was run by the Queensland State Government from 1900 until its closure in 2012. The farm was originally known as the Westbrook Reformatory for Boys until 1919 when it changed its name to Farm Home for Boys, Westbrook. From 1966, it institution was known by the of Westbrook Training Centre until its closure in 2012.

Westbrook Training Centre was infamous in Queensland and throughout Australia for its harsh environment. It was particularly infamous for the beatings, neglect and sexual abuse the boys received. This was especially the case under Superintendent Roy Golledge’s administration from 1952 to 1961. The Forde Commission Inquiry into Abuse of Children in Queensland in 1999, revealed how Superintendent Roy Golledge, amongst many other staff members at the institution, showed great pleasure in physically and sexually abusing children who were placed there. In the end, the Forde Inquiry concluded that Westbrook Training Centre failed in its objectives to rehabilitate and educate any of the children detained there. The institution was seen as doing more harm than good due to the ongoing psychological and social effects to the trauma they experienced in Westbrook.

Artemis Legal has represented in the past and is still representing clients who were detainees at Westbrook. We invite former detainees, staff and parents to contact us to tell us confidentially what information they may have, and we will explain what options are available to help with these cases.

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