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Who we are

Artemis Legal is a leading practice helping clients with complex claims and litigation.  We have helped thousands of Australians claim against institutions and individuals who failed to protect them. 


Our Mission

To significantly change peoples lives for the better and to get the justice our clients want.

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Our History

Founded in 2000, we are motivated to help people get justice who have suffered a trauma and to help them improve their lives.   Justice means different things to different people so we strive to get outcomes that our clients want.   

Over $93 million in settlements to date.

We are the leading firm in this area. 

It is not just about the money, but for every claim we strive to maximize the money paid in compensation.  We do this by building the evidence required to justify each element of the claim to maximise the outcome.  However, we also regularly get personal and written apologies and meetings with the most senior people to get the answers our clients deserve.   

We fight for outcomes for clients and our lawyers have a reputation of getting the best results.


Our Services

We do not do everything.  We focus on core areas so that we fully understand the issues, the law and the expected outcomes.  Our services include:

  • Complex Claims

  • National Redress Claims

  • Commercial Litigation

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