BoysTown (Beaudesert, QLD)

BoysTown, Beaudesert (BoysTown) was established in 1961 and run by the De La Salle Brothers until 2001. The institution was established on the principle of providing care and vocational training to boys with behavioural issues. All of the boys who were accommodated in the seven residential cottages at BoysTown were aged between 12 and 16, and many were wards of the State of Queensland. In 2002, BoysTown was registered as a company (BoysTown Ltd), but it continues to be owned and operated by the trustees of the De La Salle Brothers.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has indicated that BoysTown has been the subject to more claims of child sexual abuse than any other institution within the Catholic Church system in Australia. Since 1997, BoysTown has had to answer for 219 claims of child sexual abuse, representing 67 per cent of all the claims of child sexual abuse received by the De La Salle Brothers. Furthermore, of the people who alleged child sexual abuse at BoysTown, 191 also alleged that they were physically abused.

Artemis Legal has in the past represented and is still representing clients who were students at this institution. We invite former students, teachers and parents to contact us to tell us confidentially what information they may have, and we will explain what options are available to help with these cases.

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