Church of England Boys’ Society (CEBS)

The first branch of the Church of England Boys' Society (CEBS) in Australia was established in around 1914 in Kew, Victoria. It was initially under the guidance of the Church of England Men's Society. CEBS, which has now changed its name in some jurisdictions to the Anglican Boys’ Society and Boys’ Ministry Australia, was a youth group set up by the Anglican Church for boys between six and 16 years and had various branches within numerous dioceses of the church.

In 2016, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse looked at CEBS in Case Study No. 36 and the involvement this organisation had in institutional child sexual abuse. The Royal  Commission concluded that CEBS was in reality a multi-state paedophile ring operating between the 1960s and 1990s. Furthermore, it concluded that CEBS was a poorly managed boys’ club that encouraged repeating offending by paedophiles within the organisation. CEBS was home to convicted serial paedophiles Louis Daniels, Garth Hawkins, Simon Jacobs, John Elliot and Robert Brandenburg.

Artemis Legal has represented and is still representing clients who were victims of child sexual abuse by leaders of the Church of England Boys’ Society (CEBS).

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